Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I finally got a chance between other plans, flooding rivers and rainy days, to get out on a paddle board. I wish I had discovered it sooner, it is a great way to enjoy the waters there safely, although I would probably do it mostly on my knees until I got the hang of it!

It was unsafe to swim in Hanalei Bay while I was there, with the high surf and undertow (and big warning signs saying so) coupled with murky waters from swollen rivers, which made it hard for the sharks to tell if you are human or not (they generally avoid us). In fact, there was a ‘shark alert’ for the better part of my stay as one was seen milling around the surfers. My first innocent days there it was a full moon and I suggested that we go out swimming in the full moon, and got a strong look and suggestion that I shouldn’t do that, night time is when the sharks are out hunting in force. That took away that romantic notion!

Best to be on the safety of a board, it appears. Next time there I will find me a board to borrow so I can float about on the warm waters of Hanalei Bay. I started out on the calm waters of the Waipa' river outlet (dammed up again by a sand bar, so it's like a lake), then tried the waters of the bay. Bill said I wouldn't last 10 seconds on the open waves. He was right, I guess I made it 5 seconds. After falling down a few more times, (I didn't put those photos in!) I just tooled around on my knees, that was fun enough...

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