Thursday, January 8, 2009

Carnation Flood Report from Hjertoos House

Whew, last night was hairy. This historic farmhouse has never flooded in 102 years, and the water has only been to the other side of the drive, but not this time… the basement started filling before dark (yes, I got the wine out first!). The water was up next to the south side of the house, then surrounded the house by after dark.

Stray Kitty had to swim to the deck and was yowling with fear, I dried him off and brought him in. My ducks must have had to swim for part of the night, I opened all the doors so they could get out but they chose to stay in their pen which is the high point. They are very sleepy today, poor things.

We moved our cars three times as we watched water getting higher and higher, had to abandon the truck because the battery was dead.

The river crested around 4 AM, It flooded our utility room so no hot water or heat, but I do have water and electricity so that’s great.

Well a picture speaks a thousand words (especially with captions?) so here are a few:

Creeping up the front steps last night, we did one hour checks and were going to start moving furniture when it hit three steps down… it made it to the 4th step at my 3AM check. At 4:30 it was down half an inch so it crested around 4:00… The water was moving in a surprisingly fast current towards the Snoqualmie river, and it was just a constant roar of a raging river outside… this was definitely the Tolt River running over its banks. It is really ominous looking out at that much water surrounding you in the dark with no real idea of when it is going to stop rising… and knowing you are pretty much on your own because everyone else is dealing with it.

About 9AM this morning, down quite a bit. We moved our other cars into town, but the truck didn’t start, hopefully it’s fine.

The ducks: I think the water must have been at least a foot higher, the straw and feed bins were floating so the ducks must have been too.

Roger and Pat surveying the damage, and paddling back to the barn… this is the parking lot to the west of the barn, pea patch just beyond.

All is well now…

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Jon said...

I am glad that you are ok (and glad that you saved stray kitty!).
Do you need help with clean up?